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Insolvency Statistics for Q4, 2015

     -     Jan 29th, 2016   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

The latest insolvency statistics can be found here.

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Insolvency Statistics for Q3 2015

     -     Nov 24th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

Insolvency Statistics for Q3 2015 can be accessed here.

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Insolvency Practitioner Information and Tools

     -     Aug 17th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

A single entry point for information and tools for and about insolvency practitioners has been created by the Insolvency Service. To access it click here.

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Insolvency Statistics: insolvencies by location, age and gender

     -     Jul 17th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

The Insolvency Service has published insolvency statistics for England and Wales 2014, by location, age and gender. Access it here.

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Why Insolvency Matters?

     -     Jul 2nd, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

Read an article by R3 about insolvency professions value here.

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A call for government action to reform the collective redundancy process in insolvencies

     -     Jun 22nd, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

A full R3 article on the Government action needed on redundancy consultations in insolvencies can be accessed here.

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Recast Regulation on Insolvency 2015/848 Published

     -     Jun 12th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

The Recast Regulation on Insolvency 2015/848 has been published with an effective date of 26 June 2015. The regulation may be accessed here and Lexis Nexis article on what this means for IPs here.

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EU Insolvency

     -     Apr 27th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

The amendments to the EU insolvency law are due to be introduced by 2017. For further information click here.

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The Use of Social Media in an Insolvency Case

     -     Apr 17th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

A judge was convinced to allow the use of Facebook in notifying a Bankrupt of S366 proceedings. Read the full article in R3 Recovery News here.

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UK Building Societies to Create Floating Charges Without a Registration Sceme

     -     Apr 8th, 2015   -     Newsletter   -     0 Comments

The Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 (Commencement (No 8) and Consequential Provisions) Order 2015 SI 2015/428, which commenced on 26 March 2015, allows floating charges for Building Societies without a registration scheme. Access it here.

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